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Supernatural Frozen!AU

A friend’s request. She’s a fan of Disney movies and she wanted to see J2 in the Frozen universe.

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I have a weird feeling approximately half of the people I’ve showed my current WIP think I’m trying to paint Misha.

Which is awkward, because they must think I’m absolutely shitty at capturing likeness. Am I?

i’ve been this way ten years to the dayramble on

i’ve been this way ten years to the day
ramble on

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My tumblr appears to be censoring me, which is terrible, because I just ranted about my main character’s attitude problems for a whole paragraph none of you will now ever read. Ahaha.
She’s the worst bitch to ever bitch with a 360 degree self-hate issue, which after that full circle comes out as a superiority complex so heavy you wouldn’t fucking believe. My OCs often have the problem of being flat and boring and disgustingly nice, but Sophia here is turning that inside out and pouring old whisky on the wounds for a finishing stroke.

I was worried that rewriting the story after the first sketch would make her less horrible, but no, NO gods she just keeps getting worse. I’m in love, send help.

If someone actually suffers to read this story, I’m going to be surprised. I’ve never had a main character who was more of a terrible-ass bitch as Sophia is, but I love her so much I’d never in a thousand years even attempt to tone it down. Jesus fuck, lady. Piling up that attitude like whoa.